Chaos reigns as Ruinous Powers debate responsibilities

News coming from the Realm of Chaos indicates that the Dark Pantheon is currently engaged in a heated debate. The question arises over which aspect of existence each deity is actually responsible for.

By all accounts the argument began when Tzeentch visited Nurgle’s garden and observed the continuous cycle of life and rebirth.

‘Change, and the capacity to change, are the sole preserve of the Great Architect’ read a crystalline billboard, that stretched into nine different dimensions and was erected in Tzeentch’s Crystal Labyrinth. ‘Nurgle’s flagrant attempt to co-opt this concept is an affront to the Changer of Ways, and he should apologise as soon as possible’.

A gargantuan cloud of flies, horrific in its foul majesty, denied this and buzzed ‘The ability to grow, as it relates to cancers and other diseases, has been a core part of Nurgle’s patrimony since time immemorial. Any superficial resemblance this might have to the concept of ‘change’ is merely coincidental and does not represent any attempt on Nurgle’s part to infringe on Tzeentch’s divine rights’.

The Dark Prince’s representatives have also expressed dissatisfaction with the Dark Pantheon, with a thousand anguished poets screaming ‘The God of Excess wishes to make it clear that they consider both Nurgle and Tzeentch to be in breach of contract. It has long been presumed that Nurgle has been in pursuit of the perfect disease, a clear invasion of my prerogative, while Tzeentch’s use of riotous colour and sound in their daemons speaks to the sensory excess normally reserved for Slaneeshi rituals. Both gods are thereby ordered to cease and desist.’

Khorne the Blood God responded to our written questions, advising that his siblings’ “Penchant for conflict infringes on my own exclusive right towards blood, and the shedding thereof, and they will be receiving communication from my Greater Daemons shortly’

The Great Horned Rat could not be contacted for comment, but was rumoured to be writing a strongly worded missive regarding Khorne’s use of horns.

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