‘Maybe you humans are the weird ones’ insists local gor

Philosophers have been put on the spot recently by a local gor who argues that, contrary to popular belief, ‘beastmen’ are actually perfectly regular individuals and it is humans that have been tainted and changed.

‘Look at like this,’ says the local gor. ‘Humans have very little alike with other creatures. They don’t have any claws, or hoofs. They have very little fur. And honestly, the hair they do have is spread around in often arbitrary positions.’

The local gor also believes that their relationship with the Ruinous Powers has little to do with the conversation.

‘Yes, there is a large proportion of gors that worship the Chaos Gods, I’ll admit that. But I’d argue that it’s a cultural thing, not a race thing. I also want to point out that just as many humans worship Chaos themselves!’

After a month of sustained campaigning, the local gor has now gained a measure of acceptance from villagers and officials. At last report he has now set up a home in the town of Olheim and has begun selling his services as a veterinary doctor.

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