Grudge inflation reaches new heights

Many duardin elders have begun grumbling that grudges ‘aren’t worth what they used to be’.

‘Not even a thousand years ago it would take a hundred orruks and a troggoth to settle a grudge. But now you’re lucky to get a dozen grots out of one.’

Duardin economists have pointed to the increased production of grudges as a leading cause of inflation, with the decline in traditional Slayering also having an affect.

‘Previously a Slayer could have hundreds of grudges built up, and could settle them at once with a single death. But now that old-style Slaying is on the decline you’re getting many more grudges that get passed down through generations and never fully settled. When you add this to increased production, you’re obviously going to see an overall drop in value.’

It’s not all bad news in Azyr however. Booksellers are seeing a significant increase in profits as Duardin seek out additional books to store their grudges in. Some bookshops have even started seller specially pre-filled books, with entries such as ‘Overcharged for a grudge book’ and ‘Had to ask for a receipt’ proving popular.

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