Local grots find lunar almanac, riot

The town of Ron’s Hedge has been thrown into anarchy since a local tribe of grots stole a copy of ‘Casper the Great’s Excellently Accurate Lunar Almanac and Tide Charts’.

Reports indicate that for the past year a horde of grots now emerges from the nearby hills once a month and attempt to destroy everything that they can get their hands on. Eye witnesses report that the grots can often be seen peering up at the sky and shaking their fists at their fists at the moon.

Experts predict that this is likely to go on for some time, and that the only solution will be the complete destruction of the grot warrens. Some have also suggested a connection between the almanac theft and an increasing level of naval sophistication by the grots.  

While the town of Ron’s Hedge waits for assistance from the region’s Freeguild, several residents have taken the situation into their own hands by leaving out copies of ‘Aunty Heidi’s Friendly Guide to Neighbourly Relations’. It is unclear whether this will have an affect on the grots, though reports of baskets full of hand-picked mushrooms being left behind after the attacks are encouraging.

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